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VRC Easy Spread n’ Peel

VRC Easy Spread n’ Peel demonstration

VRC Easy Spread n’ Peel is a totally new vinyl record cleaning film. Designed for use with the Vinyl Record Cleaning System, VRC Easy Spread n’ Peel is new spread and peel of vinyl record cleaning product offering outstanding results.

VRC Easy Spread n’ Peel

A New Vinyl Record Cleaning Product with major advances

  • Better clean rate: 20 x 12” LP sides per 100ml.
  • Easier application: a measured dose and new VRC application brush
  • Better performance: no underside drips when dual side cleaning
  • Easier film removal: remove the film quickly and easily with common adhesive tape

VRC Easy Spread n’ Peel offers the most effective deep clean of the grooves on a vinyl record. Effective cleaning demands that all foreign matter including dirt, dust, oils, nicotine (think favourite 70s and 80s albums), mould release, spores, the abraded diamond stylus dust must be first dissolved through wet cleaning; indeed most record cleaners start this way, by creating a slurry.

The trick then is how to achieve total removal of the slurry.

VRC Easy Spread n’ Peel achieves this by drying to a tight film which is then peeled off the record. With all the crud dissolved and captured in the film the record groove is left totally clean; quite pristine. Trying to coax the slurry away by sucking or other methods must leave something behind as the last of the slurry will inevitably dry and deposit on the groove wall.

VRC Easy Spread n’ Peel record cleaning film combined with the Vinyl Record Cleaning (VRC) System is a breakthrough combination in total vinyl cleaning. The VRC equipment has been proven as the most efficient and effective method of spread-and-peel type cleaner application methodology and now VRC Easy Spread n’ Peel builds on this by slashing usage rates for the most efficient and low cost vinyl record clean.

VRC Easy Spread n’ Peel

The following sound files show the first 40 or so seconds of a late 1960s recording of Elgar’s Cello Concerto. Click each graphic to hear the recording.

Audio before VRC Easy Spread n’ Peel is used

The trace shows the amount of foreign material in the record groove; it makes this recording virtually unlistenable. In fact, you can hear that the playback even starts with a mistrack as the stylus runs into a lump of detritus, possibly a mould which has attached itself within the groove and skips to into the adjacent part of the groove.

Improvement possible with only one use of VRC Easy Spread n’ Peel

This second trace shows the same track after a single cleaning with VRC Easy Spread n’ Peel. It is easy to see how much noise has been removed; click on the graphic to hear it. However there remain one or two stubborn pops, not uncommon on older vinyl records, especially those that have not been played for some time. If you have just inherited a collection, this is likely what you will find. This first clean also greatly reduces the wow and flutter caused by the friction experienced by the stylus as it is dragged through the grime in the groove, causing rotation speed variations as the plater is momentarily slowed.

Improvement seen after VRC Easy Spread n’ Peel has been used twice

The third trace graphic shows the track after a second ESP treatment. As you will hear by clicking the graphic, the recording is now all but silent. Not only are the last of the annoying pops removed but the mould release agent, that fine film left in the grooves when the record is released from the printing moulds, has also been stripped out. The resulting playback possesses a depth and openness that is quite extraordinary.

VRC Easy Spread n’ Peel is the answer to those really hard to clean LPs as well as delivering a brilliant clean for lightly soiled records. Today, new records cannot be assumed to be clean and, of course, they all come with mould release agent which needs to be removed if the record is to be enjoyed to its full potential. ESP delivers improved playback performance plus less wear and tear on both stylus and record groove walls.

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